The Mint ProActive 

Our ProActive offering for CRM is a
consulting package that we use as the standard
first engagement to help our clients get the
most out of their CRM.

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What is the Mint ProActive?

Best Practice Software Processes and Tools so your business benefits more. Depending on whether you want to generate leads, drive conversions, support your customers, or manage collections - the content of your conversations may differ, but the underlying process and methodology remains the same:

Deep understanding of your audience and their behaviour

Delivering everything you know about your specific customer to your representative
Automating the nurturing, follow-up and self-service processes
Maximising every conversation opportunity and it's outputs

To achieve the above, our Inception methodology drives project success by taking the debriefings, post-mortem and learnings from more than 15 years of CRM project experience to identify the critical early steps that determine the quality and impact of a project.


The core outputs:

1    Aligning project objectives with Business, IT and all key  stakeholders    
2    Creating clarity and a comprehensive understanding of the solution requirements
3    Structured planning of and preparation for project success factors

We ensure that the context and environment of your CRM engagement is clearly established and inclusive of the input from the right players within your organisation, taking into account the latest advances in technology and solutions where it adds value, all under the guidance of our Cloud CRM and Azure CRM specialists.